Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Sweet It Is

How sweet it is. The Dems are off with the sterling – no, golden – candidates, and one can only wish the best for them, and for the future of our country. Our badly diminished country. How we need the capable, vibrant, intelligent team of Barack Obama and Joe Biden!

But my mood is dampened now that the house-collecting Republican candidate – who may yet acquire another one on Pennsylvania Avenue – has selected his running mate. Should harm befall John McCain – considering his age and medical history – who do we have waiting in the wings? Waiting to take over the governance of our country, and assume the role of leader of the free world? Our troubled world?

The evangelicals are giddy with joy. They have their hockey Mommy, whose favorite dish is moose, and who has an impressive political background of less than two years as the governor of the pivotal state of Alaska. The faithful must truly believe the V.P. on their ticket is equipped to look into anyone’s eyes, and see her or his immortal soul.

If this were a novel, no one could believe it. If non-fiction, plenty of footnotes would be required to establish credibility. But it’s all too true, and this is why everyone – every woman and man – with a functioning brain, and a desire to see America break away from the lies of the past eight years, has to get to the polls on November 4.

Vote as though your life depends on it, because it well may.