Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Slice of Liberal Tongue on Wry

Once again, we will have the political groundhog—crawling out of his hole every four years—exercising his ego via declaring for the presidency. Yes, for the third time, Ralph Nader—a veritable nadir of decency—is bent on playing his favorite role: that of self-serving spoiler.

Barack Obama is more than a candidate; his campaign has become a movement, inspiring heretofore unlikely voters to participate in an election of extreme importance. For seven years, we have been held virtual hostage to an administration which bows to no constraints. George W. Bush, and his frightening cohorts, have led us into a war of their choosing, which has been transformed into an occupation.

In the process, not only have we sacrificed the lives of our own young men and women, but have succeeded in destroying a sovereign nation, along with thousands of its people.

This is the human cost; the economic one is almost too vast to comprehend. Those who come after us will pay the price for this wanton spending on death, when our own country – and its residents – continue to face a crumbling infrastructure, to say nothing of dual losses of jobs and homes.

But there is more: our standing in the community of nations has sunk to an ominous low. We are, sadly but justifiably, regarded as bullies by those who regard for what America has stood for was once a matter of pride and respect.

This is the time – when hopes are high that the Democratic Party will prevail in November – that Nader once again pursues his hopeless dream of accomplishing the impossible. All he will achieve is to help John McCain continue the administration we are now being victimized by.

For shame, Ralph Nader. And for shame anyone who would waste a ballot on a man who licks his lips at once more delivering a body blow in his hopeless quest. One that he knows is without hope.

This is a new Blog – one reflecting the feelings and opinions of a writer; a woman of “a certain age” who is passionate about the prospect of change. The kind of change and, yes, progressive hope, embodied in and by Barack Obama.

Comments are welcome – are, indeed, solicited. May we continue a mutually rewarding conversation on issues and concerns that resonate with anyone reading this debut piece.--Barbara Rich

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teabird said...

Bravo, Barbara! I'm thrilled to see you online, and I hope you will develop the audience you deserve!