Wednesday, April 2, 2008


As a ridiculously devout abstainer of all things technological – someone who has a symbiotic relationship with my beloved IBM Selectric II typewriter – I am so grateful to friends who make joining the current century possible for me. This blog is turning out to be a joy: getting political and personal feelings and thoughts out of my head – heretofore only available by way of newspaper/magazine print – and out on the space highway.

Barack Obama. Not since I gave my allegiance to Bobby Kennedy have I felt so inspired and hopeful for true, meaningful, purposeful change. Yes, that word has been short-changed and even demeaned by people like McCain and Hillary; however, this man, this incredible man with his incredible heritage, makes the daily indignities of life bearable.

Those who bring him down; those determined to blame him for his pastor’s words; those who continue to support the chameleon-like Hillary, in spite of her racist rhetoric, bewilder me. A determination to feel “entitled” to be president, no matter the destruction of the party she represents, bewilders me.

I remember, during Bobby’s tragically brief campaign, people reaching out to him. To touch him. To make contact with him, no matter how brief the connection. And I see it now with Obama – the urge to make contact, even momentarily, with a person of exquisite verbal magic. But his words aren’t superficial, nor said for effect; they have deep roots in his very being. In his heart and superb cortex.

Hope. I still have hope that this country will realize the potential of Barack Obama, and for his capacity to create enlightment and reconciliation. For restoring our country’s reputation and regard in this troubled world of ours.


Carrie K said...

Charisma is a good thing for a public figure, but charisma isn't limited to good people. I enjoy his speeches, it's
a pleasure to hear a well delivered one, but the content behind the speech is what truly matters.

Rev Wright's rhetoric saddens me.

Donna Lee said...

I wish I could feel the confidence in Mr Obama that you (and many others) feel. I don't feel it. I don't know why. I don't know who I will vote for in Nov and will spend the next months agonizing because I will vote. Not voting is not an option. I am hoping that sometime before then, something clicks inside and I feel the certainty that you feel.

The River Man said...

Speaking from the British side of the herring pond I have to agree with you and I hope that Clinton soon sees the sense in backing out of the race, because if all this Democratic infighting continues up to the wire, there's only going to be one beneficiary and his first name is John. Best wishes for your Blog.

Larjmarj said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I am so tired of Hillary and her Rove-like tactics. I think it's sickening and the fact that her supporters can't see through it baffles me.

People doubt his ability to lead and feel that he's all fluff and no substance. I don't get that from him. I think he's had to have a lot of strength as a person to live in two worlds as a child and find his identity as a man. It's impressive. As for the comments of Rev. Wright, we are only hearing sound bites, small bits of the entire sermon. Not only that Rev. Wright served in the Marines honorably. Maybe he's a little angry at the direction that this country has taken on so many levels. I'm not saying it makes his comments OK, but I do feel like they are being taken somewhat out of context. This from a middle aged white woman.