Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Now that Barack Obama is the Democratic candidate for president, the Republicans’ crusade to smear him is in full gear. Rumors – hearty rumors – are going around like a virulent virus that he is, in truth and in fact, not a Christian, but – ooh! – a Muslim. And that he may well be in sympathy with our enemies – the very ones given life via the Bush administration’s criminal behavior.

And what about Michelle? A successful attorney and advocate, like her husband, for the poor and disenfranchised? A loving wife and mother? A bright, beautiful woman, whose husband admires and loves her, and whose daughters are so lucky to have her as an example? Oh no, according to the opposing party; Michelle is not a real, true, proud American. Not like, say, John McCain, who is – again in truth and in fact – prone to changing positions on rock-bound issues and principles as quickly as global warming is melting ice caps.

Be frightened; be very frightened. The next four months have the capacity to distort and defame the very essence of an outstanding candidate for the highest office in our country. Barack Obama is not only inspirational and intelligent – capable of forming a complete sentence that resonates with meaning and veracity – he is eminently qualified to carry out his mission of leading a badly-damaged country back to its rightful place in the world.

Be frightened, yes, but be aware and vigilant. Lies flow so easily from the lips of those who led the way to the continuing tragedy of Iraq, and now seem determined to do an encore in Iran.



Larjmarj said...

I have a feeling that Bush Co. is going to try some shenanigans in Iran right before leaving office (if Barack get the nomination) just to spit in the eye of the Dem's and leave them with an even bigger mess, if that's possible.

Anonymous said...

And how about the current flap about The New Yorker cover this week? Although they're trying to explain it away as "satire", that seems to be quite a stretch! There are those who will say "Yeah, that's what I thought all along about those two!" I'm glad to see that plenty of others are expressing a good degree of indignation about it--even John McCain.

The River Man said...

I am indeed frightened, very frightened, and I don't even live in your country. The Republican Party has a genius for stealing elections by lies, fraud and vote rigging. They did it in 2000 and 2004. Are the Democrats ready to stop them doing it again in 2008?
By the way, I'm so glad you are now making regular postings to your Blog. I caught your first couple of posts, but then despaired of every reading anything else from you again. I've placed a link to this one on my Blog -
I think "larjmarj" introduced me to you, for which I'm grateful.